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PandaPal- iPad App!

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PandaPal-iPad App!

Kim Scott-DeLand, M.S., CCC-SLP designed an iPad app to help for her clients communicate.

 Download for FREE on iTunes!

Panda Pal - Autism Communication System is a Photo Exchange System for the iPad and Android, specifically designed by Kim Scott-DeLand, M.S., CCC-SLP certified Speech-Language Pathologist.

This system improves language development and helps facilitate communication for children with speech & language impairments.

Panda Pal is designed to be modified to meet your child’s individual needs. Panda Pal uses real photos and an adorable gender neutral panda bear, who is your child’s pal to help them communicate throughout their day!

PandaPal includes 3 App's in one: Augmentative and Alternative Communication System (AAC), "Schedule Board" and "First & Then."