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Speech Therapy 101 is a family run practice who's mission is to design a program unique for each child. Kids learn best through play, therefore our sessions are structured around play!

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Kim Scott DeLand, M.S., CCC-SLP, certified Speech and Language Pathologist and owner of Speech Therapy 101. Kim has over 18 years of experience and is passionate about her work and dedicated to ensure that families will receive a high standard of personalized and professional care.  She designs a unique plan of care specific for each client's needs. Kim believes that parental involvement is crucial to the success of a child’s speech and language development. She encourages parents to get involved with their child's therapy and helps them take an active role in their child's development.

Phone number: 424-229-5769

We Specialize in the following:

      • Speech and Language Delay
      • Pediatrics & Adults
      • Autism Play Specialist
      • Parent Education
      • PROMPT therapy
      • Dysarthria & oral motor delays

    • Stuttering (Hypnosis)
    • Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson’s Talk Tools Therapy
    • Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson’s Feeding Tools Therapy
    • Hanen Instructors for the It Takes Two To Talk Program
    • Baby Sign Certified Instructors
    • Dyslexia

We are in network with the following Insurance Companies

(PPO Plans only):

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Anthem Blue Cross



Blue Cross Blue Shield

United Healthcare


Angeles IPA


Voted Best Speech Therapist in Los Angeles by Expertise.

Our Recent Work

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FREE consultation with Developmental Play Specialist Aaron DeLand!!

Play. Connect. Grow.

Aaron DeLand has been working with children on the spectrum for 14 years. In that time he has been fortunate to meet and play with nearly eight hundred uniquely wonderful children and logged over six thousand hours of 1:1 developmental play therapy.

Aaron has traveled all over the world, including Australia, United Kingdom, Poland, Costa Rica, Canada, Malta and all over the US to teach parents and professionals how to use play to deepen their connection with their children, and cultivate real social development.

Speech Therapy 101 is proud to provide FREE 1:1 play demonstrations and consultations. To find out more or to schedule your appointment, write to [email protected] or go to


Video example of Developmental Play Therapy in action:

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Telephone: 424-229-5769

Email: Info@SpeechTherapy101.com

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